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Kosi Cat 5.3 Forward Console Fishing Boat


Length — 5.3m

Beam — 2.35m

Min hp — 2 x 60hp 2-stroke

Max hp — 2 x 70hp 4-stroke or 2 x 90hp 2-stroke

Buoyancy — Foam filled

Power as tested — 2 x 60hp Yamaha 2-strokes

This is the third model of the all new Kosi Cat 17 to hit the market. With the console, quite far forward the boat has a lot of space on the deck. A front window opens to give access to the anchor hatch, and below the door in the front visor, the boat has two hatches with drawers inside.

Compared to Kosi Cat 16, there is more space provided for all the electronics to be flush-mounted. The console is fitted with a stainless-steel T-top with rod holders. The gunnels have been raised and padded for extra comfort when you’re fighting a fish and need to push against the gunnels with your knees. The Kosi cat 17 has been designed to be the best balanced offshore fishing boat.

The fuel hatches are in the middle of the deck with seating on top of them. Behind them is a nice storage hatch. The fish hatches have been sunk into the deck. At the stern, there’s a livebait well on the left and battery hatches on the right-hand side, with a comfortable seat on top of this hatch.

Kosi Cat 17 is one of the best boats on the market in this size class. She has everything you would look for in a boat: she’s very stable and spacious, she gives a smooth and soft ride and she is very easy to put in and out the water.

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